ElectroMedical Solutions

ElectroMedical Solutions

REO products for the protection of patients and staff in medical technology

Without electricity modern examination and surgical methods are not possible. Whether computed tomography, ECG, or even dental treatments the use of electricity has allowed the replacement of traditional methods of treatment.

Since 1925 REO has developed innovative solutions for transformers and today REO produces transformers for medical devices, which comply with global standards setting new standards in efficiency and improvement in safety.

With great attention to modern production methods, efficient work processes, and constant development REO supply manufacturers of medical electrical equipment with products which contribute to the protection of patient and operator.

  • REOMED II 660

    Isolation transformers

    REOMED II 660
    • Rated power: 660 VA
    • Input voltage: 230 V

    The REOMED II isolation transformer provides reliable leakage current reduction in medical applications. Safe isolation on the input side is effected by using high quality materials and first class production methods. The isolation transformers are designed for low internal losses and so achieve very low no-load losses.
    Overload and short-circuit protection on the input and output side is effected by an integral circuit breaker.

    Application area:

    • Medical systems

  • REOMED Isonet Network isolator


    REOMED Isonet Network isolator
    • Isolation voltage: 4 kV
    • Insertion loss: -1,3 dB max.
    • Return loss: - 8 dB min.

    The REOMED Isonet network isolator is used for electrical isolation of devices in copper wire-bound Ethernet networks.
    The isolation protects equipment and people from the effects of possible electrical voltage spikes on power supplies.
    Potential equalization currents on the shielding of the network cable are reliably prevented.





    • Rated power: 100 - 300 VA

    The REO UNIMED can be configured to use many different input voltage combinations, ensuring safety standards can be maintained
    on a world-wide basis.

    The UNIMED series are designed for installation in a compact housing or on mounting plates. The units have safe terminals
    for easy connection. The special winding design ensures a safe separation of primary and secondary circuits and compliance with
    the required air and creepage distances.

    Application area:

    • Medical systems

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