Electronic DC power supplies

REOTRON - The variable electronic DC power supply

The DC power supplies from the REOTRON SMP series are primary switched switching power supplies with galvanic isolation from the input to the output. The devices can be used as voltage, current or power regulators. 

Operation can be carried out either via an internal display, via external control signals 0...10 V, DC or 0(4)...20 mA or optionally via a field bus interface such as Profibus-DP, CAN-Bus; EtherCAT or DeviceNet. Depending on the version and the power, the devices can be delivered in 19” plug-in housing units, a ready for connection control cabinet installation version, as a compact module or as a table-top device (laboratory version). The devices are air-cooled or water-cooled. 


    Installation on mounting wall

    • Output voltage: 25 - 600 V
    • Output Current: 2 - 600 A
    • Output power: 1000 - 15000 W

    The REOTRON SMP power supplies are primary switched power supplies with galvanic separation from the input to the output. They can be used as voltage, current or power regulators.

    The unit can be operated from an internal display, external control signals of 0…+10V, 0(4)…20mA or optionally by a fieldbus interface such as DeviceNet, ProfiBus, CanBus, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP and ProfiNet protocols.

    Input devices
    The device input is designed for connection to a three-phase mains 3 x 400 V, 50/60 Hz. The compliance of EMC standards is guaranteed by an input-sided PFC-mains filter.

    The devices have a compact design in a 19 inch rackmount chassis and can be delivered as a installation ready control cabinet version or as a tabletop unit (lab version). The devices are air- or water-cooled.

    The SMP‘s are connected via screw terminals and with cooper terminal buses at high output currents. Like all REO-products, the REOTRON SMP‘s are also available as customized versions.

    High range of performance
    The units can be combined to power supplies with higher ratings by connecting the units in series or parallel.

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