REO since 1925

The company was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1925 named as 'REO BORIS VON WOLFF – it grew within just a few years into a global player and is today a major manufacturer of electronic and inductive components.
In 1943 - due to the division of Germany – the first facility is developed outside of Berlin. The independent workshop in Solingen employs more than 30 employees and has experience in the development of specialized resistors. In just a few years, capacity at this site is increased to house the rising numbers of employees and new product developments. This site still stands as the headquarters of the REO Group.

An important refocusing takes place in the sixties because of the advances in electronics. During this time, REO develops its first electronic products and extends the company with the sector “Electronics”. Thanks to numerous patents, innovative product ideas and dedicated employees, the company thrives with this new challenge and REO “Electronics” is today one of the important foundations of the company.

A short time later - in 1977 - REO expanded internationally and the first foreign subsidiary was opened in Paris, France with additional subsidiaries in Switzerland and England following soon after. Today REO has 15 subsidiaries, of which 11 are outside of Germany. At this time REO produces a wide range of high-quality products and to ensure that it is prepared for the future there is a program of continuous investment, innovative product development and constant education and training of employees.
The company is determined to retain and improve upon its reputation as a partner and specialist for the challenges of the electrical industry.

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