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The company REO was founded on 17.08.1925 in Berlin.
In the following years, resistors for testing instruments and ballasts for arc lamps were produced. At that time adjustable resistors – whether rheostats or potentiometers – were much sought-after and necessary products in order to ensure the advancement of the electrotechnical age.

Even during the war years, the focus was placed firmly on the individual. And, as such, friendships were fostered for many years after the war with former forced labourers, true to the motto “in dubio pro REO”.
Many of the Jewish friends from the war who subsequently emigrated aboard remained welcome guests at REO and, in turn, we too were always made very welcome in their new homes.

After the end of the war, a subsidiary was opened in Solingen which focused in particular on supporting and serving the customer base in the West of Germany which had been developed from the Berlin site. Before long, new products were being developed in Solingen, including ring and column variable transformers under the brand name of REOVAR. Once again, there was a large market in this niche waiting to be opened up here.

REO has always remained true to its philosophy of “following its customers”: A customer who bought variable resistors was now offered variable transformers and, step by step initially from Berlin and later from Solingen, the electronics division was developed for our customers.

The first subsidiaries in France and the Netherlands demonstrated REO’s commitment to growing its presence throughout Europe even back then. The development of electronics production, especially in the REOVIB sector, resulted in the need over the following years to establish subsidiaries in Switzerland, Spain, Italy, England, Poland, Belgium and Turkey. Moreover, company-owned production sites outside of Europe in India, China and the USA were also founded.

The companies Setzermann, PMR and IBK as well as Nieke and MWK were integrated into the REO Group as a result of both acquisitions and start-ups. The product portfolio of every single one of these units ensures that we pursue our niche philosophy on the market.

Our staff are bound by the corporate philosophy of ensuring market leadership in niche sectors.

After all, REO has never been about mass production. This is why with our innovation centre in Berlin we have laid the foundations for the consolidation and further development of inductive components. Today, this wealth of expertise serves as the basis for production abroad.

The national and international expansion described above was essentially shaped by Gert Freiherr von Wolff who, following the death of this father, took over and grew the REO business.

Another milestone for this family-owned company was the handover of corporate management to the next generation which is also fully committed to further developing the REO Group. 

The products which are manufactured today set international standards; great care is taken to promote and protect the REO brand as well as the associated brand names.

The forward-looking developments in the energy efficiency and switching power supply sectors under the name REOTRON alongside products for use in rail technology, wind turbines and numerous other renewable energy applications already make up a considerable share of overall turnover.

Guided by a sense of social responsibility and technical expertise, REO as a family-owned company together with its staff, continues to remain true to its motto of serving niche markets for its customers.


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