Water cooled load bank

If a cooling cycle already exists, a water-cooled resistive load bank is the alternative to normal or forced air-cooled ones. The water-cooling of the resistor elements allows a quite compact construction while

air-cooling needs sufficient space for air circulation (better space/performance relation).

The cooling circuit of the load bank can be connected to the existing cooling cycle via standard connections (3“ connections).

The AC/DC resistance groups are modular-type and separately connected to the cooling cycle. The single resistance stages can be mounted cascadably as needed. This enables the user to preset any arbitrary resistance or current value.
Each module can be separately controlled.

The modular construction of the load stages allows power combinations of 50 kVA to 1MVA with three-phase operation and 160 kW to 480 kW in DC design.

An internal PLC logic with bus function can be ordered on request. This enables location independent installation of the load unit separate from the test field.

• Compact dimensions
• Water-cooling
• AC/DC loads freely configurable

• PLC control
• Bus operation possible
  (by MODBUS TCP/IP, Profi-Bus, etc.)
• LabVIEW operation possible


Further Informationen to REOLOAD 300



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