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High voltage supply with AC-Output


Unique Selling Point

  • Testing of AC and DC current converters with one unit
  • Constant residual ripple over the entire adjustment range of the DC output
  • Clean sine wave of the AC output voltage
  • No EMC problems
  • Control error approx. 1 % for AC and DC outputs
  • Fast regulation of voltage variations
  • Outputs protected against short-circuit and overload
  • Doubled output current at half the DC voltage selectable
  • True rms measurements with the digital meters
  • System operation possible by means of a control panel not in the immediate vicinity of the HV supply unit
  • Grounding possibility provided for the DC output
  • Additional control of supplementary equipment possible via the control panel



The high-voltage supply unit is intended for testing current converters in the energy sector, as well as testing the entire auxiliary converters and switched power supply systems used in railway installations.


  • Conforms to: VDE 0552
  • Test voltage 3 kV for primary circuit
  • Protection IP 20
  • Ambient temperature: 40 °C


Technical Data

  • Input voltage : 3x400 V
  • Rated power : 0 - 150 kW/kVA


  • Power switch with magnetic and thermal cut-out in the mains input circuit
  • Main contactor for operational switching of transformers
  • Emergency Off switch and safety loop with warning lamps
  • Air-operated short-circuiting and grounding switch for the DC output
  • Viewing window for DC analog voltmeter and air-operated breaker
  • Analog meters for V & A in the mains supply (96 x 96 mm format)
  • Digital meters for V & A in the AC/DC output (96 x 48 mm format)
  • Analog meters for the DC output
  • Electronically-controlled voltage stabilization
  • Forced zero-position for the variable transformer
  • Output protected against short-circuit and overload
  • Selectable DC output voltage range
  • Discharge circuit for external DC link capacitor
  • Pushbutton and indicator lamp (22 mm Ø) for operation
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High voltage supply with AC-Output

REOLAB 123/150

Rated voltage


Rated power


Output voltage


Output current



DC Output

3 x 400

0 – 150

2 x 0 – 2500


0 – 5000


60 bzw. 30


2 x B6U

AC Output

50 / 60 Hz

0 - 144

0 - 430




Regulation time: about 25 sec for the full control range

Surface finish: RAL 7035 or 7032

Natural cooling

Required air pressure: about 6 bar


Remote operation

The HV supply unit is operated by means of a 19“ remote control panel, which is plugged into the HV supply unit via a 10 m long flexible cable and connector.
The viewing window for the grounding switch provides additional safety. 

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High voltage supply with AC-Output

Dimension drawing




Remote operation