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CNW 163

PLC-Filter for DIN rail mounting

CNW 163

Unique Selling Point

  • Rated current of 16 A (optional 25 A)
  • Limits unwanted signal propagation
  • Prevents unwanted signal attenuation via grid or devices
  • In compliance with NB 30 and EC directive 89/336/EEC


The PLC filters CNW 163 eliminate interference in applications in grids with ripple control technology or Powerline Communication (PLC).
Due to the high-frequency PLC signal in the supply grid, interferences can occur in connected equipment. These interferences can lead to the following negative impacts:

• Interference noise on the radio
• Interference on televisions
• Flickering lights
• Slow network over mains

Due to the additional use of the existing mains network, these transmission processes can be quickly and cost-effectively implemented.
Of particular importance are the safety aspects and the resistance to interference.
With the PLC filter, the signals of the ripple control and/or the Powerline Communication (PLC) can be filtered and blocked. The interfering signals are prevented from unwanted signal propagation. Due to PLC signals, electrical consumers such as LED lighting can experience interference.
Furthermore, unshielded power cables behave like antennas and lead to increased emission of signals.
The maximum interference level of cables that are used for telecommunication purposes is clearly defined by the provisions of use of the EC directive 89/336/EEC.
REO PLC filters help to remain in compliance with EC directive 89/336/EEC and to reduce the interference level to a minimum.

Technical Data

  • Nominal Voltage : 250 V
  • Rated current : 16 A
  • Leakage current : <3,5 mA

Typical attenuation curve 

Typical attenuation curve CNW 163

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CNW 163

PLC-Filter for DIN rail mounting

Technical data Daten


Rated voltage

Rated current 

Leakage current

[kHz... MHz]


CNW 561/16




3 kHz ... 30 MHz


CNW 561/25




3 kHz ... 30 MHz   0,56




Dimension drawing

Dimension drawing CNW 163