Resistor REOHM D 158

Max. continous power: 60.000 W

REO Widerstand REOHM Baureihe D 158

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Resistor REOHM D 158

Max. continous power: 60.000 W


The series D 158 can be used as braking or load resistor for drive technology, industrial applications, test fields, E-Mobility and railway engineering with integrated water cooling.

Thanks to localised, optimised cooling, high outputs can be generated in the smallest space with low heat generation. It is also possible to deploy it in areas with high ambient temperatures. The resistors are available as braking-, load-, or highvolt resistors.


  • Very compact construction
  • Suitable for use with high ambient temperatures
  • Specific and optimised cooling for high capacities
  • Very low temperature of enclosure (<50°C)
  • Suitable for standard cooling liquids (water/glycol)
  • High protection rating up to IP66 possible
  • Operating pressure of the cooling circuit up to 4 bar (test pressure 10 bar)
  • Small space requirement

Typical applications

Drive technology, frequency, converters, Railway, E-Mobility and Test systems


Higher power ratings on request

Technical specifications

Dimensions in mm


  • With temperature switch

The power ratings apply for continuous duty.
The power ratings can be increased in short-time operation in function of duty cycle by multiplication with the relevant factor from the diagram below or according to the formula as follows. The resistance values refer to standard products with a standard tolerance of +/- 10 % with an ambient temperature of 20 °C. The resistance value insignificantly changes in function of the winding temperature. Therefore, resistance changes of approx. +10 % in comparison to the cooled-down conditions may occur.

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